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Laax Vegas
Travelling Restaurant, Laax, January – March 2017

Our Travelling Restaurants are a creative nomadic gastronomic enterprise that opens its doors to an each time unique world. They are renowned for their unique ambience, great food and our familial interaction with our guests; guests who have become the regular customers and years later became good friends of our brand. Every time anew an unexpected setting with individually designed interiors is created and built up; the objective being to wow. From the very first moment guests enter a dream world, while still feeling at home.

Each time, the actual location provides both inspiration for the establishment and the name of the restaurant. In this sense, befitting the setting of the winter resort Laax, the Gondelhalle opens its doors in a gondola-warehouse. Since 2016 it is the place for extraordinary dinner, drinks or an unforgettable night out during the exclusive winter months.